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Our Stud Dogs

At BijouxDax, we truly believe our Stud Dogs are second-to-none. Our selection of Stud dogs is unrivaled, with a variety of ages, colours and dispositions. All of our Studs are Kennel Club Registered, fully health and colour tested with 'The Kennel Club' & 'Animal Genetics'.
We only allow our Studs to mate with Kennel Club Registered Bitches and we will not allow our studs to mate with Dilutes.



Hugo is our gorgeous Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund, he is a Shaded Red carrying Cream. Kennel Club Registered, and will be sperm tested regularly. Hugo is a great example of the breed and has a wonderful pedigree.


If you need any more information regarding any of our studs or would like to use one of our studs, please do get in touch using one of the following buttons below!

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