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Puppy Hometime

What will Bijouxdax puppies go home with?

1. Both Vaccinations

Our puppies stay with us until they’re 10 weeks so that we can ensure they have received both their 1st and 2nd vaccinations. This reduces any risk of them picking up any infections or diseases. They’ll be ready to go out and socialise slowly and get to see the world.

2. A Puppy Pack

This is a booklet containing the essential paperwork. You will receive your puppy's contract of sale, Kennel Club documents, breed-specific information, 5 weeks free insurance policy details, health/colour screening results from both Dam & Sire, microchipping details, vet treatments (vaccinations), de-worming &

flea treatments, and a health certificate from our Vets!

3. A hamper of goodies

Our Puppy hampers will come with

enrichment toys, chews, a dog food pack inc. treats from Fish4Dogs, puppy pads, and a blanket with Mum and siblings' scent on, the list goes on…

4. Last but not least

Our puppies will leave with lifetime support. No matter the time or day, we are here to help, whether big or small, we are here! Just drop us a message, and we’ll be with you as soon as we can.

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